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Pictory Review - Best Transcription and Video Editing Tool

Pictory is artificial intelligence-powered video software that uses AI to automate the process of creating short branded videos for social media. Spend less time creating videos. Increase your brand's visibility on social media.

Our Product Rating:

Product Rating 5 stars

I found Pictory to be very easy to use and it saves me a lot of time and it gives great ideas on how to make great long video content. 

I'm so excited about pictory. With Pictory, users can quickly condense lengthy texts into short social videos using pre-made stock media assets, extract highlights from webinars, add descriptions and subtitles, and replace Vidnami with similar functionality. Pictory’s AI engine alternative to vidnami.

Everyone who used Vidnami in the past would enjoy Pictory.AI, and that's why I'm so excited. Because of Pictory's ease of use and excellent customer service support when I first started using it, I had a wonderful experience. Script to video making is now simple, fast, and easy. Let Pictory use the power of AI and voice recognition to make your video footage from scratch. Pictory is the best quality video content creation and voiceover creation software.

Pictory is an excellent visuals to video AI app that offers a free trial for users who want to benefit from Pictory. Pictory is right for beginners for the creation of videos and it provides an easy to use platform which AI feature makes anyone appreciate its simplicity. 

Honest Review - What is Pictory AI?

It is a quick and easy to use software to create short-form social media videos from text. Create high quality videos from your blog posts or articles that are engaging, creative, and fun to watch within a minute with Pictory's AI-powered video creator.

Pictory features allows you to create AI powered video with a library of over 3 million clips that is easy to navigate. Create professional engaging videos that uses AI technology and the best video creation tools.

This video generation tool is the best AI software with advanced features that are video based. Pictory offers you the ability to upload your own music for the entire video before you export your videos. 

Pictory allows users to record their own voice or upload a previously recorded voiceover to make it sound even better. The voiceover available for creators in Pictory.ai is also top-notch and customizable. 

Pictory.ai makes it easy to create high-quality engaging content into video with recognition technology by creating engaging video content quickly and easily.

Pictory is fast becoming the top article to Video editor. Pictory has many advanced AI video generation realistic AI voices. Pictory’s advanced AI automatically generates high-quality videos using the software. Pictory makes captioning videos easy with AI text-to-speech voices.

Pictory AI video creation software is the perfect AI software for video creation. Great for editing videos, podcasts, voiceovers, webinars, and Zoom recordings. Here are the types of videos that you can make. 

  • Summary videos of your blogs and articles.

  • Summary videos of third-party articles - news articles, analyst reports.

  • Social media videos from a text script - event invitations, news.

  • Educational and e-Learning videos.

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Pictory Partnerships

Increase Productivity By 50% And Social Engagement By 25% As A Content Creator

Increase Productivity

This AI-driven video technology tool enables marketers and content producers to automatically make and edit AI videos at scale.

Due to the pandemic, entrepreneurship has recently reached previously unheard-of records. More than 2 million people make a living as full-time content creators, making up the majority of these new entrepreneurs.

Pictory Video Creation

Despite the fact that video is an essential part of the economic model of content creators, video editing and production are costly, time-consuming, and require specific skills to be effective. Pictory is a cloud-based video solution that makes great use of cloud computing and was created specifically to handle these problems.

People are taking advantage of the "creation" economy to work on projects they're passionate about. As a medium with high engagement, pictory created AI video plays an important role in the new creator economy. A continuously evolving professional video technology powered by artificial intelligence is empowering this fresh wave.

Pictory Blog To Video

You will have a lot of time to spare by using this service. The software's short clip, transcription, and auto-captioning features are fantastic, but it also includes a fantastic feature that automatically removes filler words like ums and ahs. You can also pick from a seemingly limitless selection of videos and musical selections.

The platform can, among other things, execute text-to-speech rendering, transcribe videos, identify the best music to go with a stock video, find the most relevant graphic to go with a social media post and extract essential points from long-form content.

Pictory Reels

Additionally, it lowers expenses and gives content providers in the quickly expanding creator economy more leverage while increasing the efficiency of enterprise marketers. By adapting long-form content, like webinars, podcasts, and blogs, marketing and creative professionals may rapidly and easily produce dozens of brief social media videos. Pictory uses AI to convert text to video creation and text to speech content for use on social media. You can preview a sample of the amazing video to see how it looks before you produce it and save it as an MP4 file.


Pictory Easily Edits Video To text

Did you know that over 85% of social media videos are viewed on mute? You could lose out on engagement if you don't provide captions and subtitles for videos you upload to social media. You can easily add captions using this software. Pictory.ai is an excellent choice for AI video editing.

Once you've recorded your webinar, training video, or video podcast, and even posted it on YouTube, how do you promote it? One of the best ways to promote your webinar is to extract several short clips representing the highlights of your webinar and share these clips on social channels. This product provides an easy way to extract highlights of your recorded videos.


Downloading a video takes quite some time. This can be easily fixed as the team keep making the software better.  

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Features of pictory: You can use his tool to edit your recorded videos

  • Upload your video. Using the AI engine, the video is transcribed into text.

  • Edit and summarize. Remove the sentences or words from your final video that you wish to exclude. For example, uhs and ums.

  • Customize and brand. Add your logo. Add your colors and fonts. Add your own Intro and Outro. Add B-rolls.

  • And Lots More as the tool gets better

  • Pictory Pricing Plan

    Pictory Pricing
  • Pricing

  • You can create 3 video projects, each lasting up to 10 minutes, during the free trial that Pictory also offers to create professional quality videos. You can try out the product and if you love it upgrade to a paid plan. There is a standard plan, premium plan, and enterprise plan depending on the nature of your business. You can pay monthly or annually starting at $29.

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  • Pictory Coupon Code

  • Use the code KNOWLEDGE20 to get a 20% discount on the checkout page.

    Pictory Captions

    Pictory AI Review Creators' Group (Official Facebook Group)

    Pictory.ai Creators' Group

    For Pictory video creators and those wishing to do so, this is a free community. We're here to support you and to give you a place where you can support one another.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of articles can I use to create a video?

  • Blogs and news articles in HTML format are acceptable types of articles. Please do not submit PDF, Word, or Google Doc files.

  • What happens to my video if I cancel?

  • Until the end of time, you own all your videos.

  • What if I changed my mind?

  • That's fine! Your monthly plan can be canceled at any time. For cancellation of annual plans, please email us. All payments will be refunded within 30 days of cancellation.

  • What is the normal learning curve for Pictory?

  • It can take you an hour to create a video at first as you become used to the software, but with practice, this will drop to around 15 minutes.

  • Who Should Use Pictory AI?

  • Pictory AI is ideal for businesses looking to leverage the power of video marketing and create videos using text, pictures, or even existing videos. 

    By leveraging Pictory AI's power, you can easily create videos from text or edit existing videos. Its powerful AI voices provide an extra layer of customization to ensure the message is clear and compelling. 

    With this powerful AI-driven platform, you can create stunning videos in no time!

  • Do you agree with pictory.ai's 4-star rating?

  • Pictory.ai's 4-star rating system is fair and accurate. It provides a way to quickly judge the quality of a product or service without having to read through an entire review. The 4-star system also helps make the rating process more accessible, as the customer can easily assign a score without calculating an exact number.

    Additionally, this rating system allows for more meaningful customer feedback as it provides more granularity than a simple thumbs-up/thumbs-down rating system. For example, a four-star rating may signify that the product was good but could have been better in certain areas, while a one-star rating could indicate significant issues with the product or service.

    Overall, Pictory.AI's 4-star rating system is a great way to provide quick and accurate ratings for products and services. Also, there is awesome support Pictory.AI customer support.

  • What currencies and payment methods do you accept?

  • We list our prices in USD. All popular debit and credit cards are accepted here. Additionally, we take Paypal. Please get in touch with us if you experience any problems with these techniques, and we'll come up with a solution.

    Final Verdict!

    Pictory Trust

    Although I am not an expert videographer, I must say that I am impressed with this great product. It is a great tool for those who need to create videos as it is able to quickly transcribe lengthy videos. Video marketing is the most powerful tool in 2023.

    Based on customer feedback, the software continues to improve significantly, as shown below. There are many Pictory alternatives, but their software never updates and needs to produce excellent videos.

    I have been creating short videos from long-form content using this video tool to create and edit professional images and videos with minimum effort for maximum output.

    Powerful AI turns stock footage to videos in just minutes by save a lot of time. Write the script, record your own voice and let the software do the work. It is easy to create videos in less time now. The video rendering process finished very soon.

    I did not expect the AI to generate a video at that speed. It literally takes the hard work out of creating long-form content. The powerful AI enables easy editing of professional videos. I can quickly edit the videos for my clients on pictory.

    Pictory Automatic Automations

    Visual search AI improvements: By using more efficient automated visual search results, you can save time when creating videos. In the future, this algorithm will become more and more efficient.

    GIFs can be used to enhance individual scenes in your videos. Text-to-video scenarios offer subtitles and text files. Using blog content or a script, you can easily produce your videos. Within those videos, you will now be able to download SRT, VTT, and TXT files. You can improve the SEO of your YouTube videos by uploading the SRT files.

    Transcribed text file format improvement: The voices of the AI do not have any unnecessary pauses. We have eliminated the unnecessary pauses between sentences that were present in the text, then to the speech voice-over provided by the software.

    The software is integrated using Melod.ie and Storyblocks for music and video clips.

    Content from Storyblocks and Melod.ie will now be automatically selected by the A.I when a new video is created. Manually searching using keywords and filtering the results is even possible. With this, you will enjoy two key benefits: Richer, more relevant, and more contemporary video clips and background music and faster and more efficient production of videos.

    Pictory also has a basic video editor that the developers have improved over time.

    You are completely secured from copyright notifications, takedowns, and unauthorized monetization attempts. As always, the team is there to support you if you run into any issues. I highly recommend giving pictory a try. Enjoy using Pictory!

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