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Project Next Experience – Tony Robbins | Dean Graziosi's New Thrive Edition

Knowledgebroker| July 27th, 2022

Overview of Project Next

Project Next Reviews

Going through Module 2 and Module 3 of the program before the official launch gave me a lot of clarity on how thoughtfully laid down, unique and powerful this course is and why everything achievable by an individual can be expressed as steps that is, if they have a framework or template which if given to them as a roadmap can be replicated to get the same required results. This is a blueprint, a roadmap of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, and should be taken seriously as the end results could be mind-blowing if implemented step by step. They have created a formula to help people with digital marketing that gets results.

Background to Project Next Experience By Thriving In A Bad Economy

The global pandemic has caused everyone to evolve either for better or worse and Tony Robbins also had to make a shift due to the global change. He had 38000, 42000 people in football stadiums fill his events. An average event is 12,500 people in attendance. 5 years ago, he had told his team they will have 10,000 people events, back then they only had 3500 people attend UPW.

It is obvious that he knows what to do to keep people obsessed for long hours for 4 days. Then it happened, he was told to cancel his events. This is someone who has not cancelled an event in 44 years. In fact, Tony was in Australia a couple of years back and had mercury poisoning with serious complications and health constraints and almost died but he still somehow managed to go on stage in a wheelchair against Doctor’s recommendations. Tony never cancels an event. But then came covid and everywhere was getting shut down. His right-hand man who he calls his “Picasso” Dean Grazosio told him he will need to do it in people’s homes and at first Tony did not like the idea as anyone will obviously get distracted in the comfort of their home but then after a few days the whole world shut down and he realized things were about to change forever. They crafted how they were going to do it. They will host the biggest event ever in people’s homes and keep them fully engaged.

They found a very large building which is now called own your future challenge and converted it into the largest online event arena. They reached out to zoom and planned how they could host 20,000 to 40,000 people in one meeting. They wanted people to be able to laugh and respond. They achieved this in 9 weeks. Normally it should take 9 months to build such a platform but the world changed so fast, if you don’t change as fast with it you will be left behind.


72,000 people attended the event online. Tony and Dean have revolutionized online events. 14 hours a day with 5 languages translated simultaneously at different time zones in people’s homes. They have proved that limiting beliefs don’t exist. People can now be themselves at home and get breakthroughs by connecting through the internet.


Tony has completely redefined and repackaged his events. People need this more than ever and are starving for what Tony and Dean are offering. They give people a compelling future and show them what is possible by holding their hand, inspiring them, and loving on them at the time they need it most. It is a mission for them to help people but only people that want to help themselves can be helped.

Doing Digital Business - Tony Robbins Model

Tony teaches 3 ways to grow a business which you will learn if you become a part of Project Next. He owns 74 businesses now doing over $7 billion in revenue yearly. He has cracked the code to growing multiple businesses and making them a success.

  • The first thing he does when he starts a new business is to identify who is the ideal client. He does not go after who he needs to sell to. He wants to know who he is particularly sent to and going to serve.

  • This is a regular list item

  • This is an image list item

  • He wants to know everything about them. What they love, what they hate, Tony says life is a dance between what you desire most and what you fear most. You want a bigger life you have to reduce your fear and increase your desires. That is how life expands or you will remain in the same spot. This is why most people do a lateral improvement and not a vertical improvement. Tony wants to know who is this client? What do they need? What do they want? What do they hate? What do they love?

  • What is your irresistible offer? How can more people succeed with what you are offering? How can you do more for the people than they are expecting? If you can meet that irresistible offer then all that is left is to overdeliver.

  • These 3 things put together will grow any business and that is what the Digital Product System (DPS) launch is all about. Project Next is a Mission. You can join this mission, change some lives and make a fortune doing it eventually becoming a big ticket boss.

    Mindset To Finishing A Project

    Dean Graziosi And Tony Robbins Project Next

    Without the right mindset, nothing matters. You are absolutely perfect to make things happen. This Online Course teaches how to help people by creating success for yourself, your family, and others. You will have the chance to make a difference in the lives of others. Everyone has creativity in them and it only needs to be unlocked and you will learn how.


    You will learn how to sell. You will learn how to hold a workshop; you will learn the framework of a mastermind. They teach how to niche down on what a person is good at, how to identify it, teach it, and take it to the next level and that is Project Next!

    There are Billions of people on planet earth and you will learn how to find your tribe with this course. You are not sent to everybody. With this course, you will learn to keep it simple. Complexity brings confusion. From the knowledge you will get, you will learn a unique way of turning your mess into a message that impacts others and you will learn 4 ways to create.

  • Skill or expertise

  • Passion

  • Mess to message

  • The reporter method

  • Your brain will always find the reason why things will not work, you will learn how to put your brain to make things work. You will also learn how to start small and expand from there by using your life experiences which will convert to money.


    Learn to trust the biggest names in the industry. The truth is the mind will always fight what it does not understand and comprehend and the brain will analyze to your level of understanding. What will help is solution statements and you will be taught how to learn and earn from them. You will learn how to tell a story and why you are experienced to teach it with tools that will be given to you that the experts use. Just start, don't wait to be an expert before taking action. On the journey, you will end up as an expert. When a person is learning how to drive, they are conscious of everything but after they master driving, you find them driving with one hand and, even using the phone as driving becomes natural to them so you never start as an expert. You will need to take uncomfortable actions or remain where you are for a long time until you decide to start.

    Learning A Different Way To Success By Selling What You Know

    This course has so many stories and one, in particular, is about Dean Graziosi’s first book and how his first editor told him it was a total failure. He was told he couldn’t write and would not succeed at it. Dean actually never read a book until he was 22 years. He fired the person and in 2 weeks his book was a New York best seller as a first-time author. Dean will show you how he did it and you can do it also. There are specific steps you need to take and he will show you these steps.


    The time to thrive challenge is designed to get you to take uncomfortable action or you remain on a spot and continue to progress laterally in circles. Stop judging things from the perception of yourself or you will never get a breakthrough. Tony always says that it is not about your resources it is about your resourcefulness. The tactics to have a better future have been given in this course and they give you steps to take.


    You need to ask yourself this question.

  • Where were you before?

  • Where are you now?

  • What specifically did you do?

  • Tony Robbins And Dean Graziosi Project Next

    These are questions that will be answered in the Digital Product System as nothing is left out. You will learn what to do to get you to where you need to be. Remember the main goal is to take uncomfortable actions by building your mental stamina. If you have failed multiple times and you were told when growing up that you are a failure, you are not going to succeed, that you cannot learn anything then this course is for you. You were lied to. You need to get rid of all those limiting beliefs that hold you back.


    The tools to take action will be given to you to use as an anchor so you create your own tools. You will also learn the difference between selling and marketing. You will find out why if you are not selling you are actually hurting people. This knowledge is priceless and it will change your life and business. This course also teaches in-depth marketing philosophy. Marketing is needed in any business. Selling is the only way you get to impact people’s lives. Selling is serving people. Join a community of like minds and see ordinary people like me and you, taking actions and making a difference by influencing people to take action and build better lives. You will learn marketing stamina. You have to build stamina for everything in life. 90% of the time must be spent on marketing or you will have a good product but no sales. This is not only an inspirational but transformational course that will teach you marketing, sales, influence, and persuasion. I stress the need for an environment of like minds where successes are shared. It is easier to believe you can also do it when you see others making it happen. You will receive 8 weeks of accountability with the processes being broken down step by step to ensure you take massive action. 

    Key Features Of This Online Course

    In this program, you will learn how to make a digital course, a digital product, and a digital download. You will be able to translate the in-person masterminds into a digital product. People will find it easy to create something digital that can be recurring which will give them an automated income. This program will teach people what they know but then translate it into something digital and so it is fitting with the times right now as people can create businesses from home and it is going to be incredible for people to see what is possible with this. It is the perfect opportunity for people to showcase themselves digitally and present a program that walks people through it. Tony and Dean have created a platform called mastermind.com for people to hold a mastermind live event, convert it into a course and sell it on the platform. Everything is provided for in this program.

    The price you get for this course offers the product itself which is irresistible, a live event with Tony and Dean, 8 weeks of accountability taking you through the program step by step. They are obsessed over getting people results in real-time before the live event so that at the event they are ready if there are other steps for them to scale their business. This course addresses the issues such as where people get stuck on a course and gives bonuses to them inside the program so they don’t get overwhelmed if they are not ready for the next steps by showing them step by step how they can create their own program and making sales attainable for them by walking them through it every single week. The goal is to get people to finish the course and have real results. This course is made for any category of people with basic, intermediate, and advanced knowledge of digital and online marketing. If an influencer or a coach acquires the program, they can go directly to the bonuses part of the course to help scale their business and learn how to do it elegantly. You get to choose what can quickly get you better results from the existing experience and knowledge you already have.

    Final Verdict On Digital Business

    I have tried to find one thing I don’t like about the course but they have thoroughly thought about everything. You have a 30-day money-back guaranty when you make any purchases of this product. I don’t believe you need to take this knowledge as a ride though, it should be something you get to transform your life, family, and those around you because when you prosper it affects a lot of people. Your family can also go through this program with you and all of you can master the skill of selling what you know. When you decide to stay broke and broken you are failing a lot of people. Some decide to pay for new cars, houses, and trips but they never invest in themselves, their mental capacity, and stamina and even their health. First and foremost, you must pay great attention to yourself. This is very important and will bring a lot of joy to your life. See you inside.


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