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Daniel Madu

I'm  Daniel Madu , and I review the latest & the hottest high ticket affiliate programs and Tools/Softwares!

I also build websites and make sketch videos for businesses, brands and personal use. Reach out to me if you need my services. 

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About Bigticketboss

My ADVENTURE ​in the ​​​online marketing world began in 2021 with a product launch by Two Icons in the personal development industry who taught me how to own my future and thrive. As A Total newbie, I was able to generate income that blew my mind at a very short time using Launch jacking,  search engine optimization (SEO) by ranking my site and a free account with the fastest growing CRM and Marketing Automation Platform called Groove. 

Clicking the image below links to website I created for the launch.

High Ticket Affiliate Programs - What Are They?

These are programs that pay high commissions ranging from $400 and above. It is interesting to know that there are people who have learnt the marketing skill of selling online and this is what they do full time to take care of their loved ones. 

It is a skill you can learn. Anyone can do this as far as they can learn to drive they can also learn to sell online. 

 My Goal is to show you products, tools and software you can sell that will pay you mind blowing commissions. 

Should I promote Low or Mid Ticket Affiliate Programs?

Please do! There is so much money to be made in affiliate marketing and so many good products out there to sell that help people. High tickets sales gets you big money in your pocket fast but we must not undervalue low ticket sales. It adds up and can make a lot of difference too. 

Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly at a very fast rate. It is just 1.2% of the Ecommerce space in the United States. What does this spell for you? Opportunity!

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72 hour freedom challenge

Jonathan Montoya 72 Hour Freedom Challenge

You can use this challenge to start an online business in just 72 hours. Participants in the challenge receive thorough instructions on starting an online business and making money in less than 72 hours. How to pick a profitable niche, build a sales funnel, and boost website traffic are all covered in the course. Offering helpful advise and potential solutions is a problem for people looking to begin an online business.

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Groove AI Review

Groove AI Review - Revolutionize Your Content Creation

Are you tired of staring at a blank page, struggling with writer's block, or spending hours crafting copy that just doesn't convert? Say goodbye to these frustrations and hello to Groove.ai, the AI-powered copywriting platform that creates engaging, high-converting copy in seconds

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Project Next Experience

Project Next Experience – Tony Robbins | Dean Graziosi's New Thrive Edition

In the middle of all these unknowns, Project Next Experience is the ideal chance to shine. a chance to develop your dream, nurture it, and use it to support the realization of others' goals. In six straightforward but very effective modules, you'll acquire the next level mindset, tactics, and skills to effectively sell what you know or what others know.

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Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate

Jonathan Montoya Affiliate Program

Jonathan Montoya Pays His Affiliates $1122 On Every Sale Of His Program Which Costs $1497. This Program Teaches People How to Leave the 9 to 5 Job And Work From Home With So Many Testimonials.

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Pictory Advance A.I Turns Text Into Video

Pictory Review

Using Pictory's advanced AI, you can easily create and edit professional-quality videos using text, without downloading any software or knowledge of technical aspects. Increase your brand awareness, save time, and boost your visibility.

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millionaire mind intensive online event by T. Harv Eker

Millionaire Mind Intensive Online By T. Harv Eker

In Millionaire Mind Online, you will figure out what the "unconscious messages" were that you had engraved into yourself, and how you can overcome them. You will then be able to unlock your hidden potential in so many ways.

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Expertnaire Review Talks How To Sell Online

Expertnaire Review

In this Expertnaire Review, See how complete beginners are making up to $1500 a month using their smartphones with the 72IG WhatsApp Income Blueprint, a new and simple method of making money using WhatsApp.

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Learnoflix teaches how to sell online

Learnoflix Review

With Learnoflix, you can learn how to make money online, what skills you should know, and who you can help. You will also get paid for practicing these skills. You can now make passive income online using this incredible knowledge at your fingertips.

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Shine Ranker

Shine Ranker Review

Shine Ranker integrates the greatest SEO tools on the market, making it possible to create efficient SEO workflows. Both experts and novices adore it. Find easy keywords to rank for using this tool.

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IdeaPlan Review

Ideaplan Review

The New 4-in-1 Client Services Suite  IdeaPlan. To crowdsource, prioritize, and deliver solutions that customers will value, entrepreneurs, startup teams, and product managers employ the Product Management Operating System.

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ConvertLead review

Convertlead Review

To focus your efforts on warm leads and turn them into paying customers, use the ConvertLead Suite to construct multi-channel nurturing sequences that qualify prospects for an endless number of leads.

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